Mount Shasta Sacred Site Journeys

Experience the Magic!

Mount Shasta Sacred Site Journeys

Reconnection and Activation on Magical Mount Shasta

August 22-24 sunset tours, 4:30-8:30

Meet at Headwaters, Mount Shasta City Park

Would you like to enhance your experience of the Kryon Mount Shasta Celebration by taking a journey to sacred sites on incredible Mount Shasta before or after the conference?

Your guide, Andrew Oser has been hiking, camping, and guiding retreats on Mount Shasta since 1982.  He has a great love for the mountain and knows many off-the-beaten track sacred sites tourists never find.  He offers a mix of guided meditations, which most clients find very powerful, and time to receive the profound gifts offered in the Silence.

Andrew has had the honor to guide tours in conjunction with several past Kryon Mount Shasta conferences Kryon has called him “the master of the mountain.”

Each of these tours will go to different sacred sites, so please join two or all three if your schedule permits.

The tours will include journeys into the 5th dimension Lemurian city of Telos, located inside Mount Shasta.  Kryon has often spoke of the Mount Shasta/Lemuria connection will certainly do so again at this retreat.

Lee Caroll/Kryon will not be participating in these tours.

Many people have found that the powerful, pure energy at these sacred sites makes it easy to:

*release old fears and limitations

*connect with your deepest essence

* receive clear vision for the future.

“To experience the Mountain with Andrew and also through him – his wisdom and knowledge of the Mountain – is a healing for the heart and soul. Andrew is a gentle and loving being, who honors each person he shares the energy and majesty of the Mountain with – amazing Mt. Shasta! ” Amber Mele’ha Wolf, PhD, master teacher and healer, Tuscon, AZ

“Thanks for the greatest experience all of us have had in our life.  The peace we are feeling is indescribable, the healing and cleansing is amazing.”  Marianna Posse attorney, Bogota, Colombia

The sites we’ll be visiting will be accessible through short hikes, so please join us even you’re not in world-class hiking condition.

The fee for this life-changing journey is only $77 through March 1, 2025 and $99 after that.

If for any reason you need to cancel before June 1, you will receive a 50% refund; the balance is transferable to any future individual or group retreat or tour I offer with no expiration.  After June 1, no refund will be offered, but your entire payment can be transferred to another retreat or tour.

Space is limited so please sign up now to reserve your place.  

If you have any questions, please contact Andrew

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All activities on and around Mount Shasta is conducted under a Special Use Permit from Shasta Trinity National Forest and operate on a non-discriminatory basis.

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