Three Steps to Living in Freedom and Joy

Those of you who’ve done retreats and sacred site journeys in Mount Shasta have experienced the transforming power of the Ho’opononpono prayer. For many of you, doing this prayer at Faery Falls, McBride Springs, or the Headwaters was a memorable experience.

Dr. Ihaleakala Hew Len, who brought this prayer from Hawaii to the mainland United States, was a truly remarkable man who bridged two worlds, being both a shaman grounded in the ancient wisdom and a modern psychologist.

Dr. Hew Len taught a simple three-step model of human development:

  • I’m a victim
  • I create my reality
  • I Am a servant of the Divine; I’m not in control

During early childhood, virtually all of us develop negative, limiting beliefs about ourselves, other people, and life. The sad reality is that most people spend their lives unconsciously playing out the conditioning they took on in early childhood.

If we are blessed with the awareness of our predicament, then we have the possibility of moving out of the unconscious victim phase.

The empowerment/human development/New Age methodologies which have proliferated since the 60 s are largely designed to take people from the first to the second step.

Two methods which I’ve found particularly effective are:

  • The Ho’o ponopono prayer
  • Core Belief Work

The Ho’oponopono prayer is a powerful vehicle for cleansing/healing. The English version is beautiful and the original Hawaiian prayer is even more effective since Hawaiian is a conscious language. This means that the sound/vibration of each word evokes the meaning of that word.

Byron Kate developed a breakthrough approach to shifting core beliefs which she calls “The Work.” I have added some elements, including a more body-based focus, to enhance her excellent method.

On Mount Shasta retreats, I often take people to sacred sites by the water and guide them in using either or both of these methods. I find that the effectiveness is greatly amplified by the power of these sites.

Moving from victim to creator is an amazing step in one’s development. It transforms life from a struggle to an adventure and can bring much joy.

Joe Vitale, an author of Zero Limits, was a master of the second phase, making a very good living teaching about the law of attraction. When he spent time with Dr. Hew Len, he was humbled to realize that this master was living in a whole different reality than the one he knew.

I would guess that many of you have been inspired to move beyond manifestation to surrender and greater service.

This journey is very personal. Life always offers just what we need to unravel separation and arrogance and move into greater humility and ultimate oneness.

One approach which has been very powerful in my own journey is offering this body to God/Divine Mother as a vessel for Love to express.

Because Mount Shasta so strongly represents and reflects the Divine, it greatly amplifies this offering. There are some sacred sites, including Ascension Rock and Altar of God, which I experience to be particularly suited for this phase of the journey.

To read an inspiring story about a man who offered his life to the One, I strongly recommend The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer.

A spiritual retreat can be a time for accelerated growth no matter where you are in your journey of awakening. It’s an opportunity to take a break from the busyness of our lives and focus our full attention inward.   I recommend that as you make your plans for 2020, block out some time for a spiritual retreat.

Mount Shasta is, of course, my favorite place for spiritual retreats.:-) To find out more about the retreats, my fiancée, Alex Mcintyre, and I are offering this year, please click here

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