The Transforming Power of Three Words

I often call Mount Shasta the Mountain of Love.   She constantly radiates pure love.

I’ve had a 44 year love affair with Mount Shasta.  Living here the past 16 years has helped me to more consistently and consciously live as the love that I AM.

I would like to share with you a simple technique which has helped me to open deeply to that One Love:

  • Say “I love you” either silently or out loud
  • Ask, “where is the you?”, then be still and feel the answer
  • Ask “where is the love?” and pause to receive the answer
  • Ask “where is the I?” and, once again let the answer come to you as direct experience.

What is revealed through this process is that the “you”, the “love”, and the “I” are the same and each is everywhere, not just in one location.

Sometimes, I look at Mount Shasta when I say “I love you.”  Then, I go through the questions, first focusing on the Mountain, then slowly turning around 360 and seeing the same One everywhere.

You can try this focusing on any object in nature, picture/statue, or person which opens your heart.

I, also, enjoy doing this process when hugging a tree.  The tree acts as a portal out of my separate self into the One Love

I often do the same technique with my eyes closed.  It’s a simple way to get out of my mind and feel the infinite space of Being/Awareness/Love.

You can also look at yourself in the mirror when saying “I love you.”  Just saying these words to yourself is powerful even if you don’t follow up with the three questions.

On and around Valentine’s Day,  millions of people will be focusing on love.  That will make the One Love that’s always everywhere present even more accessible.

So, this is the perfect time to use this simple technique to come Home to the One Love that you are.

2 thoughts on “The Transforming Power of Three Words”

  1. Beautiful Andrew🙏🥰

    ( the paragraph after the tree is missing “ eyes” before the word. “closed” I think 🤔)

    Big love to you & yours💞 Kate🕊

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