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Lindsay Herber, Therapist, Los Angeles

This experience changed our lives! From start to finish Andrew made our Mount Shasta experience unforgettable. We loved that we were able to hike and see things that only locals know about. While we hiked, he coached us on looking at core beliefs and led us on guided meditations to help us connect in to our higher selves, our purposes, and the things that we were ready to let go of for a deeper healing. We were able to make lasting changes to our beliefs and he gave us help on incorporating these changes when we returned to our regular lives. 


Along the entire day, Andrew went above and beyond for us. We are forever changed by this experience

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Mary Brinker, Boise, Idaho

Our journey with you was LIFE changing and truly amazing. You have an incredible ability to take your clients to the their very highest place. To feed their souls exactly what they need at the moment.You intuition and patience is amazing. We will be back for more and so will my friends and family. Thank you again.”

Karen Rodriguez, business owner, Redding, CA

Andrew, I can not tell  you how much I enjoyed our time together in Mt. Shasta.  I have used and thought about all the things you  taught me in my everyday life.  I feel so emotionally grounded.  I can now stop what I am doing and really feel inside of me what emotion is driving my thoughts. The use of the I AM is also a big game changer for me just saying to myself I AM really makes me stop and think of myself for once“.   

Andrew Zenoff, President, Zenoff Enterprises, San Francisco, CA

After more then 20 years of intense spiritual exploration with teachers, gurus and guides from all over the world, you have been the one who has fully opened the door for me and shown me the way home. My life is changed forever! “

Michael Sobolewski, yacht club manager, Greenwich, CT.

Thank you thank you thank you!!  My time with you on Mount Shasta was simply amazing and wonderful. My questions have been answered and I have awoken to the truth of my existence which has filled me with love peace and joy for where I am and what lies ahead

Suzie Scarpaci, Massage Therapist, Tampa

“Andrew’s guided tour was absolutely perfect. He started by assessing our needs and did not disappoint. We spent a day and a half on the mountain with him and he took us to various spots that are not on the list of places to go. The meditations were wonderful. True healing took place on the mountain with Andrew’s guidance. This journey complemented our own spiritual practices.


Courtney Miller, healer, Sacramento

“We had an amazing tour with Andrew! He carefully crafted our time together and was really tuned in to what we needed. Not only did he give us a wonderful experience on Mt. Shasta, but he also gave us some tools to help us in our journeys and current life transitions. Much appreciated! I definitely recommend a tour with Andrew and hope to visit the Mountain with him again sometime“.   

Nancy Harrison, business owner, Boston

“I was fortunate enough to be able to spend 4 days with Andrew. His compassion and gentle nature combined with his vast wealth of knowledge offered me the opportunity to completely open myself up and heal myself. To realize that, with his assistance, I was able to find my “light” again and to really remember “ME” was the best gift I could have ever given myself”

Nikki Singh, computer engineer, San Francisco

“You definitely changed my life.  I’ll be sending lots of my friends your way“

Marianna Posse attorney, Bogota, Colombia

“Thanks for the greatest experience all of us have had in our life.  The peace we are feeling is indescribable, the healing and cleansing is amazing.”

Peter Roberts, MD., New York

“Andrew embodies a healer’s spirit, naturally and in the truest sense. In addition to sharing his love and spiritual connection with Mt. Shasta, Andrew has many insightful and interpersonal gifts that he shared freely and poignantly, yet unobtrusively. Seeing our receptivity, he took joy in guiding and joining the inner healing through example and sensitively offering practices — all the while, gently allowing space for insight and integration. Deep Bow”

Brandon Thompson, Baseball Coach, Costa Mesa, CA

“With all that Mt. Shasta has to offer, Andrew proved to be the perfect guide to create a level of comfort that allowed me to really melt into the energy and take in all that the experience had to offer. He was amazing. The experience will stay with me for a lifetime.:

Kris Kutcher, salon owner, MO

“Thank you for showing me the light within me.  Your soul is amazing.  Thank you for sharing yourself with me on such a deep level.  Your intuitive ways touched my hear. “

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