spiritual retreatDo you find that after you come home from a spiritual retreat in Mount Shasta or some other powerful spot the sense of magic and new possibilities quickly fades away?

To prevent this from happening, make sure to take time while you’re on retreat to build a bridge to your life back home.

Once you’ve immersed yourself deeply in the joy of the present, take some time to look at your life from a clear, nonjudgmental space. Notice which areas of your life are already in alignment with the Truth of who know yourself to be now. Also, note areas where there’s disharmony, struggle, stress, etc. Write down action steps which can bring these areas more into alignment with the inspiration and clarity you’ve tapped into during your retreat. Make sure that some, if not all, of these action steps are simple and easy to do (i.e., making a phone call, scheduling a meeting, etc.).

Also, take time to reflect upon and write down the insights and realizations you’ve had during your retreat. Ask yourself “How can I bring these realizations home with me?” For example, you might want to consider purchasing a picture of your retreat site or special memento which you keep in your bedroom or office. Or you may want to commit to a new daily practice or ritual that will keep the flame in your heart burning strong.

When you arrive home, do at least one of your action steps the first day you’re back and as many as possible the first week. Also, make sure to spend time in nature and some time doing the spiritual practices you used on the retreat. This will help integrate the gifts from your retreat into your daily life. Do your very best not to get so busy catching up on everything that you get overwhelmed and stressed out. By choosing to go on retreat, you demonstrated a strong commitment to your well-being. Honor this commitment and the time you invested in your retreat by truly making a new beginning in your life.

Andrew Oser has been offering guided retreats and spiritual journeys on Mount Shasta since 1982.   Through hikes to little-known sacred sites, guided meditations, spiritual life coaching, and time drinking in the silence of the mountain, he helps clients to deeply renew themselves in body, mind, and spirit and receive clear vision for their lives.