What People Are Saying About Mount Shasta Retreats


Our journey with you was LIFE changing and truly amazing. You have an incredible ability to take your clients the their very highest place. To feed their souls exactly what they need at the moment.You intuition and patience is amazing. We will be back for more and so will my friends and family. Thank you again.”

Mary Brinker, Boise, Idaho


After more then 20 years of intense spiritual exploration with teachers, gurus and guides from all over the world, you have been the one who has fully opened the door for me and shown me the way home. My life is changed forever! “

Andrew Zenoff, President, Zenoff Enterprises, San Francisco, CA


Andrew, I can not tell  you how much I enjoyed our time together in Mt. Shasta.  I have used and thought about all the things you  taught me in my everyday life.  I feel so emotionally grounded.  I can now stop what I am doing and really feel inside of me what emotion is driving my thoughts. The use of the I AM is also a big game changer for me just saying to myself I AM really makes me stop and think of myself for once“. 

Karen Rodriguez, business owner, Redding, CA


Thank you thank you thank you!!  My time with you on Mount Shasta was simply amazing and wonderful. My questions have been answered and I have awoken to the truth of my existence which has filled me with love peace and joy for where I am and what lies ahead

Michael  Sobolewski, yacht club manager, Greenwich, CT.


Still riding high on the energy from Shasta..and really experienced a huge shift in my life.  I want to express my gratitude to you for assisting me with this emotional and energetic shift that I have made.  I am having more fun than I remember “

Maury Liverant, bodyworker, San Diego, CA


“Thank you Andrew for making our time visiting Shasta so incredible and special.  We loved how you made it so easy to experience all the magical spots on Mount Shasta.  It is so beautiful and you ensured we moved at a pace that we could enjoy it all to the full.  Your wise approach to life really brought the whole visit together. ” 

J & I Smith, Sydney, Australia


The Mount Shasta retreat that Marilyn and I did with Andrew moved our programs to a whole new and dynamic level. If you are ready to focus on results and improve your life or business, I encourage you to work with Andrew and see the prosperous and magnificent results.”

Steve Viglione, Investment Manager, Berkeley, CA


Going up to Mount Shasta to do a retreat with Andrew was one of the best gifts I’ve ever given myself. I came home filled with joy and re-inspired about all aspects of my life.

Jeff Perlis, Owner, Prime Properties, Lake Arrowhead, CA


My retreat on Mt. Shasta with Andrew was truly life changing. I’ve never met anyone with Andrew’s combination of spiritual awareness and grounded, practical perspective..

David Chang, life coach, Washington, DC


This is the best thing I’ve ever done for myself.”

Jac Brown, beauty salon owner, Alburtis, PA

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