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Renew and Transform Your Relationship with a Mount Shasta Couples Retreat


If you and your partner desire to renew and deepen your connection—with each other and with your own Self – then I invite you to come for an enriching and engaging Mount Shasta couples retreat on September 30-October 2.

There’s no place like Mount Shasta for a retreat. The potent energies of the Mountain will greatly accelerate and amplify your journey of healing and re-connection.

Guiding retreats for couples is one of my favorite things to do.  Over the past 13 years, I’ve had the privilege of guiding couples in many different phases of their journey together to make huge breakthroughs.

Now, my beautiful wife Alexandra McIntyre, is joining me in offering couples retreats on Mount Shasta.  Alex is the Founder of Heart of the World, which provides programs for profound peace, healing and transformation.  She has 40+ years of experience guiding retreats and offering private sessions.

When Alex and I guide together, the love and divine masculine/feminine balance between us creates a field which allows our clients to deeply relax, and to feel safe enough to be deeply vulnerable,

As your retreat guides, Alex and I can help you to:

* Immerse yourself in your own Pure Love and share that freely with each other

* Communicate about and come up with win/win solutions to difficult issues

* See through the veils and fully recognize your partner’s beauty

* Deeply forgive yourself and your partner for past actions

* Learn how to use conflict as an opportunity for deep healing and transformation

* Develop new strategies for supporting each other’s spiritual journeys

* Make or renew vows which will help you navigate together through life’s challenges.

On our retreat, We will hike together to a mystical, hidden waterfall and to many magical, little known sacred sites on Mount Shasta.  At these spots, we will do healing rituals, meditations, and facilitated dialogues.

 As guides for your Mount Shasta couples retreats, we offer:

* A deep love for the Mountain and knowledge of its most sacred sites

* Experience guiding retreats since 1977

  • A strong track record of coaching couples in all different phases of their relationships
  • Facilitated dialogues using Nonviolent Communication and other effective communications strategies

Whether you’re just coming together, feeling stuck and needing a breatkthrough, or wanting to gracefully separate, this retreat can help you to find deeper clarity and love.

We will be limiting this retreat to 4-6 couples so that we can get to know and work with each couple, and to create a safe, intimate healing environment for everyone.

The fee will be only $999 per couple if you sign up by August 15 and $1111 after that date.   This does not include lodging or meals.

Please click on Buy Now to make your $500 deposit.  Deposit is nonrefundable, but 100% transferable to any private or group retreat we offer, with no expiration.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please click here to Contact me.

Mount Shasta Retreats | [email protected] | 760-525-4512

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