Ready for renewal?

Come to Mount Shasta for a spiritual retreat with  Andrew Oser.  He will take you to sacred spots on this breathtakingly beautiful mountain, guide you in re-connecting deeply with the Source of your being, and help you design an effective strategy to integrate the awakening you receive in your Mt. Shasta retreat into your daily life.

Our Shasta retreats are customized to meet your needs. They generally include such activities as hikes on the mountain, guided meditation, yoga, and individual life coaching sessions. Your Mt. Shasta retreat is individually designed to best suit you, in terms of time spent in solitude versus structured, guided activities.

Many couples have experienced dramatic breakthroughs in their relationships through our Mt. Shasta retreats. In addition to the activities mentioned above, we offer couples facilitated dialogues using the Nonviolent Communication method developed by Marshall Rosenberg. When amplified by the energies of the mountain, this technique can produce extraordinary results. Many couples have returned home with longstanding issues resolved, trust restored, and effective new tools for dealing with future challenges.

Andrew has been guiding Mt. Shasta retreats since 1982. He has a deep appreciation for the powerful energies of the mountain and the ability to help clients tap into those energies to make breakthroughs in their lives.

All guided hikes and vision quests on Mt. Shasta are conducted through Shasta Vortex Adventures, which operates under special use permit from the U.S. Forest Service. These activities are fully insured and operate on a non-discriminatory basis.

Mount Shasta Retreats