Living Meditation: Relax, Release, and Reset

This time of slowing down offers each of us a precious opportunity to deeply reconnect with our Self and to transform our lives.

We would like to support you in making the most of this unique time.

Starting on May 6, we will be offering an online course on Living Meditation: Relax, Release, and Reset.

For at least one of the classes, we will be Zooming from one of our favorite sacred sites on the mountain.   The other calls will be from our home at the base of the mountain, from which we have a beautiful view of the summit. You will most certainly feel the potent spiritual transmission that comes from this sacred mountain.

We will share not only the incredible energy of Mount Shasta, but also the wisdom we have gained from our almost 100 years combined of dedicating ourselves to living awakened lives.

In this class, you will have the opportunity to:

*Learn to easily and consistently connect with the deep peace inside

*Release limiting beliefs and fears which have been holding you back

*Access clear vision and accurate, specific guidance for your life

*Learn effective tools for living more fully in the Present.

The course will include 4 online modules:

May 13: Connecting with the Peace Inside

*Learn keys to getting the most out of meditation

*Break through to a new level of depth and consistency in your meditation practice

*Explore the blessing and importance of living from the inside out

May 20: Releasing Limiting Beliefs and Fears 

*Learn a simple, powerful approach to healing emotional pain whenever it arises

*Clear your #1 negative belief and learn an effective process you can do on your own

*Taste the freedom of truly letting go of any limiting story

May 27: Living your Highest Vision

*Receive fresh vision and inspiration for your life

*Get targeted steps toward actualizing your vision

*Learn and practice a proven method for making decisions from your heart

June 3: Living in the Joy of the Present

*Learn powerful new keys to living more fully in the Now

*Discover ways to use distractions as reminders to return to the Present

*Integrate the blessings of meditation into your day-to-day life

Andrew Oser and Alex McIntyre are co-leading this course. Both began meditating regularly in their teens and teaching meditation in their early 20s. Alex and Andrew have devoted their adult lives to awakening spiritually and helping others to do the same.

Alex and Andrew have a broad-based, non-religious approach to meditation and spiritual growth. Both have had the blessing to study closely with living Masters, Alex with Jean Klein and Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Andrew with Bill Bauman. Other major influences include Jesus, Paramahansa Yogananda, Ramana Maharshi, and Anandamayi Ma.

In addition to the 4 online sessions, you will receive:

*One private session with Alex (Transmission of Grace Meditation Fine-tuning) or Andrew (Core Belief Work, Visioning).

*A digital copy of Coming Home to Your Self meditation CD recorded on Mount Shasta with Andrew and Anton Mizerak.

*A digital copy of Andrew’s book, “How Alternation Can Change your Life: Finding the Rhythms of Health and Happiness.”

If you register by May 8, you will receive all this for a special price of $177, reduced from the regular rate of $333.

To provide an intimate and powerful experience for participants, we are limiting this course to the first 16 people who sign up.

To insure that you don’t miss out on this life-transforming opportunity, just click on Buy Now below.

If you have any questions, call Andrew at (760) 525-4512 or Alex at (510) 812-6544.

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