Premium Mount Shasta Retreats

Premium Mount Shasta Retreats

Treat Yourself to the Ultimate Mount Shasta Retreat Experience

There are many ways to experience Mount Shasta.

If you love camping and/or are on a low budget, the mountain offers great opportunities for both backcountry and campground camping.

If you like to spend the day up on the mountain, then sleep in a comfortable bed, the town of Mount Shasta has a variety of charming B&Bs and motels.

For those of you, who like and can afford to travel first class, I have partnered with Shasta MountInn Retreat and Spa to offer two premium retreat packages.

Shasta MountInn Retreat and Spa is a small B&B in a beautifully renovated Victorian home with incredible views of Mount Shasta.   It features fine craftsmanship and furnishings, a hot tub with summit view, and delicious hearty breakfasts.  The owner, David Knowles, pampers guests with special touches and offers massage.

My premium retreat packages are designed to provide full service to help you have the ultimate Mount Shasta experience.  They include extra support before and after your retreat and (for the Gold Star package) more of my time while you’re here.  To learn more about your dedicated retreat guide, please click here.

Silver Star Retreat

$1212 first day/$999 other days for individual or couple

Phone/Zoom prep session before retreat

Assist in planning trip, arranging other activities

7 hour sacred site journey each day

phone/skype integration session one week after retreat

Lodging at Shasta MountInn

Gold Star Retreat

$1616 first day/$1414 each other day for individual or couple

Phone/Skype prep session before retreat

Assist in planning trip, arranging other activities

Available 10-8 each day to guide sacred site tour and to drive and accompany clients to other activities

Phone/zoom integration session one week and one month after retreat

Lodging at Shasta MountInn

If you are ready for a deeply renewing, transforming spiritual retreat, please contact me NOW  to explore possibilities.

It would be my honor and joy to guide you on a Mount Shasta spiritual retreat, custom-designed to optimize your experience on all levels.

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