Personal Retreat

Personal Retreat

Transform your Life with a Guided Mt. Shasta Personal Retreat

Are you ready for a full reset?

Ready to take a huge next step toward living the life you’ve dreamed of?

If you are, then consider joining me for a personal retreat on Mount Shasta. This will be an experience which will truly change your life forever.

From the moment, you reserve your time , I will guide you in planning a Mount Shasta personal retreat which is perfect for you.

I will help you in choosing accommodations in Mount Shasta which will best meet your needs, whether it be staying at  retreat center, a cozy B&B, or camping on the mountain.  I will coach you on how to best prepare for your retreat physically, mentally, and spiritually before you come to Mount Shasta

Your guided spiritual retreat is custom- designed to benefit you specifically.  Together, we’ll come up with a plan that honors your deepest intentions, as well as your physical condition.

Often, a personal retreat begins with a visit to a magical hidden waterfall or powerful spring.  Here, we can do powerful work to clear old energies, fears, and limiting beliefs.  If the weather is warm enough, you might be inspired to go under the falls and let the pristine waters clean you out.

After the cleansing, we’ll go up on mountain.  We’ll use our inner guidance to direct us to the sacred sites that are perfect for you.  If you don’t already have a reliable method accessing your heart’s wisdom, I’ll teach you a very simple, effective way to do that.

 At these sites, we will do deep meditations that will connect you powerfully with the energy of the mountain and your own Self.  Depending on your preferences and experience, we can do whatever mix of guided meditation and silence you prefer.

Our hikes from one site to the next will offer an opportunity to ground the energies.  We’ll, most likely, do some or all of our hiking in silence, practicing being in the Present.  If you’re not up for doing long hikes, we’ll choose sites which are accessible with little or no hiking.

One of my specialties as a spiritual life coach is in helping you build a bridge from your Mount Shasta personal retreat to your life back home.  Toward the end of your personal retreat, you’ll have time for visioning.  I know some awesome spots for this, which are very private and have inspiring, majestic views.

After you have received your vision, I’ll help you to come up with practical, doable next steps to bring your life more fully into alignment with highest purpose

You will complete your retreat feeling deeply renewed and inspired.   You’ll have released the fears which  blocked you in the past and be prepared to more fully live your Truth in all areas of your life.

If you’re ready, please contact me NOW to reserve your preferred dates.


Mount Shasta Retreats | [email protected] | 760-525-4512

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