Open to a Truly Transforming Easter

The Easter season is a powerful opportunity for deep transformation.  Whether or not we consider ourselves to be Christians, this is an auspicious time to cleanse and more fully open our hearts.

We invite you to prepare for Easter weekend by joining us for a free Mount Shasta Zoom Meditation on Thursday, April 14.  Connecting with the pure energy of this sacred Mountain will prepare you for a deeply renewing weekend.

The Easter cycle includes three key steps:

  • Releasing old energies
  • Resting in stillness
  • Opening to a rebirth of Christ love

In many cultures throughout the world, there is a tradition of Spring cleaning.  We prepare for the new cycle of life by letting go of clutter and old energies.  It is wise to also do this for our hearts, as well as for our homes!

If we set our intention on letting go of judgments of ourselves and others, Life will gladly support us by triggering these contractions to come out of subconscious into the light of awareness.  This is a golden opportunity to consciously experience the pain that judgment causes and to choose to return to love.  

Good Friday, when so many people of the world are focused on Jesus’ suffering, is an auspicious day for deep healing.

After an intense day of Spring cleaning in our home, it’s natural to pause, relax, and enjoy the clear space we’ve created.  Similarly, after the demanding soul-work of forgiveness, it’s natural to rest and feel the peace and stillness in our hearts.  In terms of Jesus’s journey, this is the time in the tomb before the resurrection.

Consider taking some, or all, of Easter Saturday to meditate and rest, perhaps culminating with a full moon meditation.

The high point of the Easter cycle is sunrise on Sunday morning.  If at all possible, get up early and go to a place where you can watch the sunrise.  In the last moments before the sun appears, sit quietly, enjoying the peace of the Present.

When the sun rises, feel the explosion of love in your heart. If it’s overcast and the sun is not visible, know and feel that the sun is still rising in your heart. Rejoice in the rebirth of Christ love in your heart.

When you’re ready, go forth and let this energy express in whatever way is natural, whether it’s in community, with family and loved one(s), or in solitude.

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