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If you’re reading this, you likely have had many glimpses of the Truth of who you are.  Perhaps you frequently taste the beautiful nectar of the Present.

But, despite this, you probably find it very difficult to stay rooted in the Present.  If you’re like me, all too often, you find yourself distracted by the spinning of the mind.

In our society, there is a mass addiction to stimulation in general and to thinking in particular.  Individually and collectively, we have an extremely strong habit of having our focus on thoughts.

Some thoughts, of course, are useful.  Occasionally, a thought passes through which is inspired.  But, I believe, if you watch your thoughts closely for a while, you’ll see that the vast majority of them have no value.  They are simply a distraction from our showing up to receive the gift of Life right NOW.

So how do we break our addiction to thinking and spend more time living in the Present?

As Jesus and many other masters have taught us, a huge key is to make our connection with God/Self/whatever you like to call That our first priority.  It takes great dedication to break this addiction.  If spiritual awakening is just a hobby, rather than a consuming passion, we’re likely to be on a roller coaster, rather than making sustainable progress.

If something is truly a passion, then we devote time to it.  A daily spiritual practice is very helpful, but not enough.

To retrain ourselves to live in the Present, we need to set aside chunks of time devoted to this.  That’s where spiritual retreat comes in.

When we take a break from the busyness of our daily lives, go to a supportive environment, and dedicate ourselves to coming home to the Present, we have a golden opportunity.

Most likely, at the beginning of your retreat, you’ll notice that your mind is spinning wildly, challenging your resolve to break your addiction to thinking.  The trick is simply to observe this without judging yourself.  Be grateful for the gift of awareness and keep bringing your attention back to the Present.

You may need some hours or even days of this practice, but, if you are patient, you’ll begin to experience more and more moments of resting in the peace of the NOW.  This will fan the flames of your dedication.

By the end of your spiritual retreat, you’ll be experiencing a new level of freedom from your old patterns and a consistent connection with you own True Self.