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The beginning of a New Year offers an auspicious opportunity to make a fresh start in your life.   But very few people truly take advantage of this chance.   Many allow inertia to pull them back into their old habits.

How can you truly make a new beginning in ’18?

Here are three keys to help you do that:

1)    Start from the Inside Out:  Our outer lives are like a mirror that reflects what’s happening inside.  If we focus on outer goals (making more money, new relationship, etc.) without making inner shifts, most likely, we’ll fall short.

Ask yourself “What’s my #1 intention for my inner life in ’18.?”  Make your inner intention (more peace, opening your heart, etc.) your highest priority.  Commit yourself to regular practices which support this priority (meditation, time in nature, retreats, etc.)

Get clear about and take action toward your outer goals as well.  But, don’t get so busy pursuing them that you neglect doing the things that truly nurture you.  Outer success will flow naturally as you cultivate a beautiful garden inside.

2)    Shift Your Core Beliefs:  Just about everyone comes out of early childhood with some deeply held, negative beliefs about ourselves such as “I’m not good enough” or “There’s something wrong with me.”  Until we examine and transmute these beliefs, they have a profound impact on our lives.

In my work as a coach, I’ve found transforming core beliefs  has been the single most powerful tool for helping clients make sustainable changes in their lives.

Bryron Katie has developed a simple, effective method for shifting core beliefs.  For more info, check

3)    Don’t Stick Your Hand in the Ceiling Fan:  When you turn off a light switch, the light goes out immediately.  But, when you flick the switch for a ceiling fan, it continues to spin for a while before stopping.  That’s because it has momentum.

Our old habits and beliefs are like the ceiling fan rather than the light.  No matter how strongly you set an intention and how consistently you do practices to make a change, old thoughts and emotions will, most likely, continue to come up in your awareness from time to time.

When this happens, just tell yourself “The ceiling fan is still spinning.”  Don’t resist them or conclude that the work you’ve done to make a shift has failed.  The ceiling fan only has so much momentum so eventually it will stop spinning.

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Seize the opportunity and make a fresh start in the ’18!