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The most important minute of the day is when you first awaken from sleep.

While you’ve been asleep, you’ve had a break from the ego/mind.

As soon as the body awakens, the mind turns back on and will grab your attention if you let it.  It will begin talking to you about things to do, unresolved issues, etc.

But, you’re not obligated to listen to the mind.  You have the freedom to put your precious attention elsewhere.

You can focus on your breath, saying a prayer, reciting a mantra, on something you’re grateful for.

If you love Mount Shasta,  try picturing the mountain or a site where you had a beautiful experience.

Doing this even for just a minute or two is very powerful.

Jesus advised us to “seek first the kingdom of God.”  Turning our attention in toward God/Self/Heart first thing in the morning is a powerful way to affirm that this is truly our priority.

You might find that connecting is easier then because the veil of separation hasn’t re-established itself yet.

You might also find that if you take the first moment when you wake up to connect in this way, it will be easier to reconnect throughout the day.

Many of us live busy lives.   Perhaps you feel there is always more to do than time to do it.  But, certainly, you can take one minute to just Be before you begin doing.

You could say that this is a highly leveraged investment of time.  By taking just a single moment, you receive a great return.