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God is, of course, always present everywhere.  But, there are certain spots, where it sure seems a lot easier to feel that Presence.  There’s a rock formation on Mount Shasta, sometimes called Ascension Rock, which has become one of my favorite locations to journey to, either solo or with clients.

I had the privilege of having Ascension Rock all to myself for a few hours on New Year’s Day.  I felt that I was eye-to-eye with God, re-connecting and getting real about my true priorities for 2013.

Today, I snow-shoed back in with a client.  As soon as we closed our eyes, I felt that familiar sense of Presence.  After meditating, I turned to face the majestic rock formation.  The sun had melted an eye-shaped opening where the black stone peered through the white snow.   I gazed into God’s eye, feeling grateful to be Home once again.