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by Shivrael

As I see it, the journey of transformation starts with awareness. It starts with a feeling of unease in which something in your life needs to shift.  You want to get unstuck.

It takes becoming quiet within and some reflection to really see yourself. After getting clear about what needs to shift, you find the courage to make changes and take action.

It is humbling when we decide to change. Sometimes it means releasing a way of being or self-image we hold dear. The ego/mind will come up with excuses to fight having the awareness about ourselves that is the key to our liberation.

Yet our hearts know the way and will lead us. In fact, simply having awareness of ourselves and the need to do something differently in our lives is sometimes the only thing it takes to make transformation happen. It is the lynchpin that will allow us to align on, and then courageously take inspired action toward a better and happier life.

In order to have courage to change, we have to love ourselves and see where in our lives we might be hurting ourselves by our choices. Being gentle with ourselves and honoring where we are helps us open to asking “What else is possible? in our lives.

We don’t have to settle. We don’t have to live in mediocrity. We don’t have to keep struggling. Through taking 100% responsibility for our lives, we can come to a place of change and transformation. It happens within and then it manifests outwardly.

What is fertile ground to allow transformation? Being away from our jobs, homes and the people we usually interact with opens the space for clear awareness to arise. Being with others embracing transformation, in a supportive environment, can help us find the courage to get unstuck.

Freedom is an inside job.  It starts from inside us and then ripples out into our lives. A retreat offers us the chance to cultivate and rest in our inner sanctuary. There, we can feel our self-love and hear our heart’s guidance.

Let this be an invitation to treat yourself to a retreat!

Shivrael will be a special guest at the July 2018 Mount Shasta Freedom Retreat. She is a healer who offers Thai Bodywork receiving the Best of Mt.Shasta award in 2017 and 2108. She teaches about accessing intuition and visions internationally, is a meditation and Human Design Guide, yogini, a public speaker, and writer. She is here to inspire others and help them to see themselves from the higher perspective and tap into their own guidance.