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Imagine hiking on a remote trail above a sparkling clear creek.  There’s a canopy of tall trees above with rays of morning sunlight dappling through.  A side trail beckons, and you follow a faint rushing sound, growing steadily louder, ‘til the greenery parts, revealing a magnificent waterfall right in your path.  You walk down to the falls and let its surging energy wash through you.  You begin to feel more vibrantly alive than you have for quite a long time.  The situations which have been troubling you seem like distant memories as you find yourself back home in this pure moment of present awareness

Lately, one of my great joys has been guiding visitors on a spiritual tour to Fairy Falls, located just a few miles from Mt. Shasta.  While tourists flock to better-known waterfalls in the area, Fairy Falls is seldom visited.  It’s truly a sacred site, a place where you can be silent, hearing no sounds other than that of the rushing water.   Or you can yell “I AM” at the top of your lungs without disturbing anyone.

The falls has a powerful cleansing effect.  Many visitors arrive fatigued from long journeys or stressed from their everyday lives.  A hike to Fairy Falls is a great way to start their Mount Shasta retreat.  Within a few minutes of standing in front of the falls, almost invariably, they are buzzing with energy and big smiles on their faces.  They have woken up from the dream of separation once again and are rejoicing in being reunited with the One Life surging through the falls and through their veins.

Visiting Fairy Falls is like going through a magical doorway.  You leave behind ordinary reality and come back into the magic of the Present.  From there, you can journey on up Mount Shasta, wide open to receive the wondrous gifts waiting for you in this sacred mountain sanctuary.  

All activities on US Forest Service property are conducted through Shasta Vortex Adventures who operates under Special Use Permit from the USFS, is fully insured, and operates on a non-discriminatory basis.