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If you’re wanting to make a change in some area of your life in this New Year, a big step toward this is to examine and shift your beliefs.

Our beliefs play a powerful role in shaping our lives.  A very wise man named James Allen once said, “As a man believes, so it is unto him.”  Our deeply held beliefs function like magnets, attracting to us certain experiences and repelling others.

If you examine your life, you will likely notice that, for the most part, the same patterns keep repeating.  Perhaps, you have trouble finding and keeping jobs.  Maybe your lovers always leave you.  Once you notice a pattern that’s not working for you, then, it’s usually easy to uncover the belief that’s behind that pattern.

Often the beliefs which are most strongly holding us back from living happy, healthy, abundant lives are very deeply ingrained in our consciousness.  They frequently have a strong emotional charge which goes back to childhood.  Shifting these core beliefs is a huge key to creating positive change in your life.

A remarkable women named Byron Katie has developed a very effective belief change process called The Work.  I’ve been using her method with my coaching clients for many years and have added in some elements to enhance the process.  Below is a detailed description of the most recent evolution:

First, Identify a belief which appears to be limiting you or causing suffering.  Take a few conscious breaths.  Feel gratitude for the chance to explore this belief.

Say the belief three times out loud and notice where you feel contraction in your body.

Then ask yourself the following questions:

1, Is it true? (answer  simply “yes” or “no”)

Hint:  Very few beliefs are true; most of them are generalizations we made up based on selective experiences

2. Am I totally, absolutely sure it’s true? (only necessary if you answer “yes” to #1)

3. How do I react to this belief? (important to look for an answer to this question in your body/emotions, not your mind.  Find the place in your body,where the reaction is strongest, then experience this reaction as deeply as you can, not making an attempt to make it go away.)

4. Who would I be without this belief? (again, directly experience the answer in your body/emotions as deeply as you can)

5. How do I react to this belief? (going back and forth between these two questions at least a couple times is very powerful)

6. Who would I be without this belief?

7. Could I let it go? (is letting go of the belief a possibility?)

8, Would I let it go? (if letting go of this belief is a possibility, would I choose to do so?)

9. When?

If you answered “yes” to questions 7 and 8 and “now “ to question 9, you’re ready to release the belief.  Put your attention on breath, without trying to control it in any way.  On the inhalation invite fresh energy into the area where you’ve felt the strongest reaction to the belief. On the exhalation, feel the river of life flowing through this part of your body, carrying away any residue of the old belief.

Then ask youself:

10. What is a new supportive belief which I could substitute for the one I am letting go of?

11. What will be my life be like with this new belief? (close your eyes and see/hear/feel images from your new life)

12. What can I do in the next week toward move forward into this new chapter of my life?

If you don’t want 2019 to be a replay of 2018, do this process soon!

 If you feel that you need some hep in changing your beliefs and your life, I’d be happy to support you with a spiritual life coaching session.

Much this post is excerpted from How Alternation Can Change Your Life by Andrew Oser