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I came to Mount Shasta for the first time when I was 24 years old.  She captured my heart at first glance and I’ve been devoted to her ever since.  After many years of living far away, I’ve been living at her base for the past 13 years.

What Grace it is to look out my window now and see her, so magnificent in her glistening white winter coat.  When I gaze at her, my heart bursts wide open.

Mount Shasta offers such a clear reflection of the love that I AM.  Through all the changes of seasons, weather, and we humans climbing her slopes, she is constant, always such a pure reflection.  If I am lost in the thoughts rushing through my mind, a single glance at her brings me back into the Present.

In the many years we lived apart, I would faithfully visit as often as possible.  As soon as I arrived, I knew that I was home.  The stresses of the world would fall away and I would remember who I AM once again.

Recently, when I was at one of my favorite sacred sites on the mountain, I recorded this short, meditative ode to Mount Shasta.

I’m glad that I’m not the jealous type, since Mount Shasta does not reserve her gifts for me.  She freely shares herself with everyone.  Visitors come from all over, called to come home and bathe in the Pure Love that Mount Shasta is and reflects in each of us.

I’m glad that Mount Shasta is not a jealous lover either.  This year, I have two Valentine’s.  I am immensely grateful for my beautiful fiancée, Alex.

Often, I have the amazing blessing to walk and meditate on Mount Shasta with Alex.  In those moments, human and divine love become one and I know what it is to be in heaven while still on this Earth.

Andrew Oser has been offering spiritual life coaching, along with guided retreats on Mount Shasta since 1982.   Through hikes to little-known sacred sites, guided meditations, spiritual life coaching, and time drinking in the silence of the mountain, he helps clients to deeply renew themselves in body, mind, and spirit and receive clear vision for their lives