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Awareness is an amazing gift.  Using our awareness consciously can lead to rapid healing and transformation.

When I simply bring awareness to what is, without resisting or judging, anything that is out of balance tends to change in whatever direction is optimal.

I first discovered this principle when I was coaching tennis back in my 20s.  I found that when I helped my students become aware of habits which were holding them back, these habits would quickly disappear without any effort on the student’s part.  This worked as long as the student observed the habit with curiosity rather than judgment.

Then, one day, I had a bad toothache and applied the same principle.  I simply brought my full awareness to the pain without trying to heal or get rid of it.  The pain, almost immediately, begin to go away.

I’ve found that awareness works equally well in emotional healing.  Next time you are feeling a painful emotion, look for where it’s located in your body.  Then, bring your awareness to that spot with curiosity or compassion.  Notice things like how big an area is impacted, what the texture is, and what emotional flavor it has (not important to give it a label; just feel it).  You’ll find that the tension in that part of your body quickly begins to release and the emotional charge dissipates.

Awareness can even free us of our addiction to thinking.  Next time, you notice that you’ve been lost in thought, simply be grateful for the awareness.  Rather than judging yourself for having been distracted *by unproductive thoughts, give thanks for the Grace to have noticed, and feel your heart opening in gratitude.

The great French author, Albert Camus, wrote that “To realize the absurd is to escape the absurd.”  You can easily substitute pain, fear, mental spinning, etc. for ”absurd.”  When you pay attention, you realize these things are just objects in your awareness.  You can simply relax, let it be, and then, if you wish, shift your focus.