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Easter is an auspicious opportunity for each of us to take our next step into greater peace and freedom.  Whether or not we consider ourselves to be Christians, this doorway is wide open.

Jesus’s decree “I Am the Resurrection and the Life” is at the heart of what Easter is all about.  Resurrection means raising up, coming out of fear/judgment/etc back into the love/Christ/pure life energy that I AM.

Take a moment now to feel your heart’s desire to fully awaken to and express the great love which you truly are.  Then, say “I Am the Resurrection and the Life” either silently or out loud.  If those words resonate for you, repeat them as often as is natural over the next fear days.

If fear and other old, contracted energies come up for you, be grateful that those energies have come out of the subconscious into the light of awareness. Dive into them as deeply as you can, then affirm “I Am the Resurrection and the Life.”

The high point of the Easter cycle is sunrise on Sunday morning.  If at all possible, get up early and go to a place in nature where you can watch the sunrise.  In the last moments before the sun appears, feel your deepest desire to be free of any old beliefs/patterns/etc. which have caused you suffering.

When the sun rises, feel the Christ/love being reborn in your heart.  (If it’s overcast and the sun is not visible, know and feel that the sun is still rising in your heart.)  Joyfully affirm “I Am the Resurrection and the Life.”

Sit in silence and bathe in the Christ energy which radiates from your heart.  When you’re ready, go forth and let this energy express in whatever way is natural, whether it’s in community, with family/loved one(s), or in solitude.

Blessings for a joyous Easter,