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The long-awaited year of 2012 is almost over.  The world has not ended, but for many of us, it’s been a time of profound transformation.

Are you ready for a new adventure in 2013?  Are you ready to take the gifts you’ve received in 2012 and more fully live the Truth of Who You Are?

At the beginning of a New Year, a powerful wave of fresh energy is launched.  If we’re open, we can catch that wave and ride it in whatever direction we choose.

Here are a few practices I’ve found effective in getting my New Year off to a great start:

1) Take some time between now and December 31 to review the past year.  If you notice any judgments of yourself or others coming up, allow yourself to deeply feel the judgment, then choose to forgive and come back into peace.  For a very effective, step-by-step forgiveness process, try my friend Ana Holub’s Prayer Sandwich.

2)  As midnight approaches on New Year’s Eve, reflect on which quality (e.g., joy, abundance, acceptance, etc), you want to more fully bring forth in your life in the coming year.  As the clock strikes midnight, focus on that quality.  Depending on your style and the setting, you may silently contemplate it or yell it out.

3) On January 1, ask for a fresh vision for the New Year.  Go into the Silence, receive the vision, and write it down.

4) Then, ask yourself, “What are my #1 inner and outer goals for 2013?”  Write them down.  Then ask, “What can I do in the first 10 days of the New Year to build momentum toward those goals?”  Write down these action steps