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It was a joy to be back on Mount Shasta yesterday after being away for a couple months.  I snow-shoed through a couple feet of fresh powdery snow to Ascension Rock, one of my favorite spots on the mountain.

I love meditating at Ascension Rock.   It’s one of the vortex spots where the always potent Shasta energy is turned up a few notches.

After spending a couple hours at Ascension, I felt re-charged and peaceful.  I also received a lot of inspiration for the 2012 Mount Shasta Spiritual Adventure Retreat which I’m leading in September.

I’ve taken many people to Ascension Rock over the years and almost all of them have experienced a strong connection with their own  I AM Presence, their divine essence.  Many have received clear visions as to how that Presence wants to express when they return home.

Ascension Rock is also a powerful place to make vows.  Aurelia Jones, author of the Telos books, used to bring her students here to make their vows to the Ascended Masters after having gone through a week-long  initiation.

When I’m working with couples on the mountain, I like to bring them to Ascension Rock to make new vows to each other.  I’ve seen several marriages move in a much more positive direction after this ritual.

It was great to have Ascension Rock all to myself on a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  And, I’m looking forward to bringing the folks I guide on Mount Shasta retreats this Summer to this incredible spot.  Now that it’s 2012, the energies here feel stronger than ever!