Connect with the Pure Energy of Mount Shasta

full moon over Mount Shasta

Full Moon over Mount Shasta

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Below is a link for the Mount Shasta meditation, which you requested.

I recorded this meditation at Ascension Rock, a sacred site at around 6500 feet elevation on Mount Shasta.  This is my favorite place to meditate on the mountain.  I always feel that the Silence/Presence is greatly amplified there.  My nickname for Ascension Rock is “I AM central.”

I was guided to make this meditation quite compact, right about 4 minutes.  I’m hoping that this length will enable you to use the meditation in two ways:

1)      I’m a strong believer in taking short breaks during the day to shift into a relaxed, non-doing mode.  This a great way to release stress and to come back into the joy of the Present.  I think you’ll find that taking a few minutes out of your busy day to listen to this meditation will be quite refreshing.

2)      When you time for a longer meditation, try listening to the recording, then sitting silently for as long as you’d like.  It is in the Silence that the mountain offers its greatest gifts.

If after using the recording in these ways, you feel that you’d, also, enjoy a longer guided meditation, please contact me and I’ll send you one.

To listen to or download the Mount Shasta Meditation, please click here.