Treat Yourself to a Mount Shasta Weekend Retreat

July 30-August 1, 2020

Are you ready to make a change in your life?

Are you feeling like you need to take some time for yourself

The Mount Shasta Freedom Retreat is an opportunity to help you move forward.  If you join us for this power-packed weekend, you will:

*Release fears and limiting beliefs which have held you back

*Reconnect with your deepest essence/True Self

*Receive fresh vision and clear guidance for the future

Mount Shasta is one of the most powerful places on earth. It is a 14,000 mirror which powerfully reflects back to us the Love that we are. Mount Shasta,  recognized as a sacred mountain by people and cultures around the world, is the perfect place to experience a healing, spiritual retreat.

This Mount Shasta weekend retreat will be a potent combination of beautiful hikes to sacred sites and powerful meditations that will  help you align with your true self, open to more love, receive clarity and inspiration and take away tools to live more authentically.

What Past Mount Shasta Weekend Retreat Participants Said

“I loved this retreat. For me it was powerfully grounding and expansive as well as being very nurturing to my soul.”

“I had one of the best weekends of my life this weekend! “

“The retreat was a triple blessing: wonderful experiences at sacred sites on Shasta, compassionate group to be with, include loving and wise leaders, and a great opportunity to connect with Spirit within.”

“I would recommend it highly to all the executives I coach in Asia and around the world.”

“Thanks so much for what was for me a great experience!  You held a wonderful space for us.  The visits to the sacred sites were powerful and to be able to meditate and center in to presence was very helpful.”

“Would suggest it to all of my friends.”

 “Mt. Shasta splendor, time to spend with nature, great facilitators, guidance to go within, a spirit-filled experience. If you are drawn to do it, just say yes.”

I am excited to have my dear friend, Alexandra McIntyre, co-leading this retreat.  Alex has more than 40 years of experience teaching meditation and guiding retreats.  When we guide together, the love and divine masculine/feminine balance creates a field which supports participants in deeply opening to their own gifts, and the gifts the mountain offers.

To provide an intimate and powerful experience for participants, we restrict this retreat to the first 22 people who sign up.  In past years, it’s filled up quickly, so if you hear the call to attend, please register now.  If you have any questions, please contact me.

We’ll be staying at Shasta Ranch, a charming B&B located in a quiet spot close to the lake, just a few minutes from downtown.  They serve a delicious full breakfast to their guests and have a beautiful yard and front porch with magnificent views of Mount Shasta.

Each step of the way you will be loved and supported to spread your wings and fly, and to let go of whatever may have held you back. You’ll be birthed anew with fresh insights, a sense of your True Self, and your connection with Mother Earth and all of life. You’ll return home with a new lightness, clarity, and freedom

The cost is only $333 through January 11, $388 through June 1 and $444 after that. Air & ground transportation, accommodations & meals not included.

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All activities on and around Mount Shasta are conducted under Special Use Permit from the Shasta-Trinity National Forest and operate on a non-discriminatory basis