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Andrew Oser is the Founder/Owner of Mount Shasta Retreat.  He has more than 45 years of experience hiking and camping on Mt. Shasta and has been guiding retreats and sacred site tours on the mountain since the ’80s.  His love for and deep connection with the mountain have helped many thousands of visitors from around the world to discover the magic of Mount Shasta and to have deeply integrated experiences of spiritual awakening, transformation, and healing.To learn more about Andrew, please click here.

Alex McIntyre is a gifted spiritual guide, meditation teacher, and healer.  She first lived in Mount Shasta and in the ‘80s and has a deep appreciation for the magic of the mountain..  Alex guides her clients to easily and directly connect with their own Divine essence and Inner guidance, and to discover their life purpose.  Alex had the blessing to be a close disciple of the master Jean Klein and is deeply connected with Anandamayi, Ramana Maharshi, and Parmahansa Yogaganda. She has a beautiful Divine Mother energy  For more info on Alex, please click here.

Laura Berryhill has three decades of experience connecting to the profoundly transforming power of Mount Shasta for personal insight and growth. As a professional musician and workshop leader, she has been privileged to experience the alchemy of transformation that comes from holding sacred space for others. Drawing daily inspiration from the beauty and subtlety of nature on and around Mount Shasta, her philosophy is to tread lightly on the path, nurturing our gifts of perception, attunement, and gratitude to allow us to experience the deepest wisdom our hearts and minds have to offer—and to receive. To see her on video, visit

For over fifty years Mount Shasta has been Anton Mizerak‘s  special place for renewal, pilgrimage and spiritual rebirth.   He moved to Mount Shasta some forty-five years ago For the past thirty years, he has been playing transformational healing music events for spiritual pilgrimage groups.  He honors all spiritual and personal growth paths.  As your Mount Shasta retreat guide,  Anton is a catalyst to help you open to fully experience that which has drawn you to this sacred mountain.  If you would like to see how he has used music as a catalyst for spiritual tours, please go to:

For 25 years, Jade Webb has been guiding groups and individuals from all walks of life into deep presence for healing, self-discovery, and awakening. She finds the stillness and magnificence of Mount Shasta’s woodland and water sites to be a support for inward connection and spiritual expansion as well as being an immediate mirror to our True Nature. Her many years studying and practicing yoga, meditation, wisdom traditions and somatic therapies informs the quality of support she brings to people in their journey toward living who they truly are. She is also available for yoga instruction, integrative massage, Thai massage, and Being With therapeutic inquiry sessions. 

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