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To listen to our September Mount Shasta Meditation, please click here, then enter password gVaW2$?y

Our next meditation will be Thursday, October 19 at 6 pm PDT/9 pm EDT.  

To join in, please click here.

Mount Shasta constantly radiates Pure Love.  In our Meditation, we’ll connect with the sacred Mountain, allowing it to reflect and amplify the love inside of our own hearts.

We’ll be guiding a meditation of approximately :30 minutes.  

Following the meditation, We’ll talk briefly about our upcoming Mount Shasta Spiritual Adventure Retreat and Mount Shasta Freedom Retreat and 

After that, participants will have a chance to share their experiences or ask questions.

You can also join from your Zoom account by entering Meeting ID  860 210 3584 then Passcode: 860 210 3584

To join by phone, dial 1 408 638 0968, enter meeting ID 860 210 3584 then Passcode: 860 210 3584

Please forward this message to anyone you know who might enjoy this Mount Shasta meditation.

With love from Mount Shasta,
Andrew and Al

Mount Shasta Retreats | [email protected] | 760-525-4512

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