Is Mount Shasta the Earth’s Root Chakra?

Several years back, someone wrote an article about the 7 chakras of the Earth which went viral on the Internet.

The article identified Mount Shasta as the “Root Chakra” of the world.  

Lots of people ask me about this when they visit here.  So, I thought it might be helpful to offer some insights from my experience of leading spiritual retreats and tours on the Mountain.

For me, Mount Shasta offers a fully integrated experience of awakening.  You could say that Mount Shasta opens and activates all of the chakras.

If someone comes to the Mountain with a block in any particular chakra, and if they are open to the gifts the Mountain’s offers, they will experience clearing in that chakra.

For example, if someone’s heart is blocked, they might experience a dramatic opening to Love while on the Mountain.  Such a person might leave Mount Shasta believing they have visited the Heart Chakra of the world.

If I were to pick one chakra that Mount Shasta most strongly represents, I might choose the root chakra, because the Mountain offers such a grounded experience of Heaven on Earth, and of fully landing in your body as the Love which you truly are.

That said, a strong case could also be made that Mount Shasta is the Crown Chakra.  As many of you know, Mount Shasta is closely associated with St. Germain, who is the Master of the 7th Ray, the violet ray.  The violet energy is very strong and accessible on the Mountain; and since Mount Shasta is a great place for expanding into your infinite, eternal Self, this might be considered a 7th chakra experience.

Ultimately, Mount Shasta is all of It, and I don’t like to limit her by saying she is only the Root Chakra.  I prefer to honor the fullness of her gifts by saying that she contains, opens, and activates all of the chakras.

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