Mount Shasta Sacred Sites Tour

Reconnect and Renew on a Mount Shasta Sacred Sites Tour

Imagine you and I are hiking on a trail through pristine forests high on Mount Shasta.

Laura  As a professional musician and workshop leader, she has been privileged to experience the alchemy of transformation that comes from holding sacred space for others. Drawing daily inspiration from the beauty and subtlety of nature on and around Mount Shasta, her philosophy is to tread lightly on the path, nurturing our gifts of perception, attunement, and gratitude to allow us to experience the deepest wisdom our hearts and minds have to offer—and to receive. To see her on video, visit

Our itinerary for your spiritual journey is built around your intentions.  We will visit the sacred sites that will most powerfully support you in receiving what you came to Mt. Shasta to experience.

Mount Shasta is one of the most powerful places on earth.  Recognized as a sacred place by people around the world, it is the perfect place to come for deep spiritual renewal and reconnection.

We often begin by visiting a magical waterfall which very few tourists ever find.  There, we perform a cleansing ritual to wash away the residue from life back home and your trip to Shasta.

Then, we will hike or drive to the sacred sites that are perfect for you to receive the energy and guidance you were drawn to Mt. Shasta to receive!  As a highly skilled and experienced life coach, I can help to quickly dissolve the fears and limiting beliefs that have been blocking you.

From that clear clear, connected space, you can recieve clear vision on how you can be of service to yourself and others during the next chapter of  life.  You’ll return home with fresh inspiration and the clarity and confidence to more fully live from the Truth of You.

So, if you’re ready to renew yourself and begin your new life, please contact me to schedule your customized Mount Shasta sacred site tour.

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