Guided Retreats & Spiritual Journeys

Guided Retreats & Spiritual Journeys

Find Peace and Connection On Mount Shasta Retreats and Tours

Mount Shasta is known worldwide for its incredible spiritual power.   People come from all corners of the globe to receive the gifts of awakening and renewal it offers.

If you’re for ready to take a quantum leap in your spiritual journey, join me on  for a Mount Shasta retreat or sacred site journey .  On this magical mountain, you will deeply re-connect with that which is always present

You will return home in a state of peace and deep trust in your Self, ready to more fully live the life you truly yearn to live.

I’ve been guiding retreats on Mount Shasta since 1982 and  have know many off-the beaten-track sacred sites which visitors seldom find.   At these powerful spots, I can guide you to fully receive the abundant gifts the mountain has for you.

If you join me for a private retreat or tour, everything will be customized for you.  If you’re not up for long hikes, we’ll choose sites which we can drive to or access through an easy hike.  If you enjoy guided meditations, people tell me I have a gift for guiding and I’m happy to do that for you.  If you prefer mostly silence or a good bit of time alone, that’s available too.  The whole journey is custom-tailored to make sure you receive what you came for.

If you come on one of our group retreats, you’ll find that the power of the collective focus makes it easy to deeply connect with the mountain–and, most importantly, with your Self.  You’ll have the chance to get to know kindred spirits from around the world.  The hikes will be mostly be very gentle, with perhaps an option on the week-long trip for a longer hike

Depending on your needs and timing, there are several options available for your Mount Shasta guided retreat or sacred site tour:

1)  Guided Personal Retreats (length customized to meet your needs and budget),

2) Guided Sacred Site Journeys on the mountain for individuals, couples, and small groups (half-day and full-day)

3) Mount Shasta Spiritual Adventure Retreat, June 9-15, 2024

4) Mount Shasta Freedom Retreat, July 12-14, 2024

5) Private Mount Shasta Couples Retreats offered year-round

Please read about the various options and consider which will serve you the best.  Then contact me to ask any questions you might have and make your reservation.

Imagine yourself returning home from your Shasta retreat feeling like a whole new person.  Your fears and confusion about the future have been replaced with confidence and clarity.  You are deeply grounded in the Truth of Who You Are.  You have fresh vision and inspiration.  You have the awareness and practical tools you need to build a bridge from your magical Shasta retreat to the rest of your life.

Give Yourself the Gift of A Healing Spiritual Retreat on Mount Shasta

Blessings on your journey home!

P. S. There are only a limited number of slots available during the peak season and for the July and August group retreats so contact me NOW to make sure you don’t miss out. 
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