By Andrew Oser

Guidance Process

Think of a current choice concerning which you desire guidance. Release any attachments, aversions, preferences, etc that might block you from getting clear guidance.  (Prayer is one simple, effective way to do this.)

Remember a time when you felt totally clear when making a choice.  Feel the “yes” in your body as deeply as you are able to.

Now focus on the current choice. Randomly pick one of the options you are considering and move toward it.  As you move toward that option, notice whether you feel a clear “yes” or whether you feel some hesitation, doubt, confusion, etc.  If you feel anything other than a clear “yes,” go more deeply into this option; have a sense of diving into yourself to see where the impulse toward this option is coming from.  When you go deeper, does the hesitation get weaker or stronger?  As you get to the core, does the impulse moving you toward this option feel natural, flowing, even joyful or does it feel contracted and effortful.

Let go of that option and go back to your reference point of pure “yes.”  If it’s helpful, you can again remember that time you felt totally clear when making a choice.

Move toward a second option in the same way you moved toward the first one

Continue the process until you’ve deeply experienced all relevant options and are clear about which one is the strongest “yes.”


Questions for Shifting Beliefs


Identify a belief which appears to be limiting you or causing suffering. Then ask yourself the following questions:


1, Is it true?


2. Am I totally, absolutely sure it’s true? (only necessary if you answer “yes” to #1)


3. How do I react to this belief? (important to look for an answer to this question in your body/emotions, not your mind. Experience your reaction as deeply as you can)




4. Who would I be without this belief? (again, directly experience the answer in your body/emotions as deeply as you can)




5. How do I react to this belief? (going back and forth between these two questions at least a couple times is very powerful)




6. Who would I be without this belief?




7. Could I let it go? (is letting go of it a possibility?)


8. Would I let it go? (if letting go of it is a possibility, would you choose to do so?)


9. When?


10. What is a new affirming, supportive belief which you could substitute for the one you are letting go of?


11. What will be my life be like with this new belief? (see and feel)


12. What can I do in the next week toward move forward into this new chapter of my life?



These questions draw upon the work of Byron Katie and the Sedona Method.



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