Mount Shasta Spiritual Life Coaching

Mount Shasta Spiritual Life Coaching

Receive the Gifts of the Mountain without Leaving Your Home

Andrew is the real deal..  His compassionate coaching will take you from where you are to where you want to go.”
Joy Taylor, Business Coach, Mt. Shasta, CA

If you feel a call to more fully awaken to and live the Truth of who you are, but can’t visit  Mount Shasta now, consider doing a private spiritual life coaching session with me.

I’m deeply immersed in the powerful energies of Mount Shasta, spending time every day either hiking and meditating on the mountain, or gazing at its majesty through my office window.

How Mount Shasta Spiritual Life Coaching Works

Our session will start with a guided meditation, which will you to open deeply to receive the gifts of Mount Shasta.  You’ll be amazed at how quickly and deeply you’re able to connect with the mountain — and, most importantly with your own True Self, which the mountain so powerfully reflects.

Next, we’ll focus on releasing any fears and limiting beliefs which may be blocking you from living a fulfilling, abundant life.  In the space of Grace we’ve entered into together, you’ll be able to effortlessly access and clear and your deepest blocks.

Then, we’ll open to a fresh vision for your life.  Having moved beyond your fears, you’ll see possibilities that were previously hidden from you.

Finally, we’ll look at any key areas where there is a gap between your current reality and your vision.  We’ll identify simple, doable next steps to bring your life more fully into alignment with your vision.

Your wisdom, compassion, and depth of experience bless and honor us.  Thank you for being so fully present and for caring the way you do. Amy White, business owner, Atlanta

Special Coaching Programs for 2023

My passion is working with people who are ready to more fully awaken to and live the Truth of who they are. If you are such a person, I have two exciting new packages to offer in 2023:

Reset Your Life Coaching Program: This three-month program is designed to help you more consistently and deeply live in the magic of the Present and to bring every facet of your life into alignment with your True Purpose. It include 9 private spiritual life coaching sessions, unlimited email support, plus $100 credit toward a private guided Mount Shasta Retreat for a price of only $999

Live Your Dream in 2023 Coaching/Retreat Program: This premium offering includes the Reset Your Life Coaching Program plus a three-day guided personal Mount Shasta retreat. The fee for this truly life-transforming experience is $3333.

So, if you’re ready to more fully live on this Earth as your authentic Self, contact me NOW to SCHEDULE A FREE CONSULTATION so that we can explore whether what I offer is a good match for what you’re looking for.

“I was on such a high after our session. I felt like I could conquer the world, and still do.”

Candice Aiken, Wellness Coach and Author, Perth, Australia

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