Mount Shasta Retreat Guide: Andrew Oser

Mount Shasta Retreat Guide

Mount Shasta Retreat Guide: Andrew Oser The Mount Shasta Retreat Guide Who Can Connect You with the Magic of the Mountain

The first time I came to the Mount Shasta, back in 1978, my heart exploded open

spent several days in bliss drinking in the nectar of my own Presence more fully than ever before.

For the next 28 years, I lived far away from Mt. Shasta, but came for a retreat almost every summer. After spending just a few days on the mountain, the accumulated stresses of the past year were washed away.  I went home filled with a clear sense of Who I AM and how to serve.

Now, my greatest passion is helping others to receive the gifts of this incredible mountain.  As your inner and outer Mount Shasta retreat guide, I can assist you in connecting powerfully with Mount Shasta’s transforming energies and harnessing them to dissolve old fears and re-connect with the Truth of Who You Are.

On a Full Moon night in 1987, I was camping on Shasta at one of my favorite vortex spots. I had a vision of starting a nonprofit organization dedicated to using sports to help children develop to their full potential. Back then, I was a tennis coach with no experience whatsoever in the nonprofit field or in management.

However, the vision that Mt. Shasta gave me was too strong and clear to ignore. I moved to Washington, DC and created the Joy of Sports Foundation. The Foundation grew to the point where it served more than 50,000 children and was honored as a Point of Light by President Clinton.

My annual visits to Mt. Shasta gave me the energy and clarity I needed to deal with the stress and challenges of running a successful, rapidly growing organization.  Some years, I led group retreats in addition to doing my own personal retreat.

Thirteen years ago, I was guided to gracefully step down as Executive Director at Joy of Sports and move to Mt. Shasta.

I now am honored to serve as a Mount Shasta retreat guide, helping people of all ages, nationalities, and spiritual beliefs discover the magic of my beloved mountain.  I also serve as a spiritual life coach, serving people from around the world via phone and Skype sessions.

Having had a wide range of life experiences and having studied a variety of spiritual teachings and healing modalities, I am able to meet people where they are and gently guide them to take their next steps.

It’s awe-inspiring to look back and realize that I’ve been hiking, camping and receiving the Mount Shata’s incredible gifts for more than 30 years!

It’s my deep connection and history with the mountain that gives me the unique ability to act as Mount Shasta retreat guide. I can help you to get the most out of your retreat in ways that will transform your life forever! I have a great passion for guiding everyone drawn here to receive the unique gifts Mt. Shasta has for them.

I’ve been leading Mount Shasta Retreats since 1982.  Over the years I’ve had the great pleasure of taking many sincere people, like you, to the incredible sacred sites that most visitors never find.

I can help you allow Mt. Shasta’s transforming energies into the core of your very being. And by utilizing my direction to harness the mountain’s heightened vibration, you will feel it almost magically dissolve all of your fears.

The result is experiencing a life-altering re-connection with The Truth of who you are and why you came into to this amazing planet of duality called Earth.

The person you come to Mount Shasta as is not the aware, connected, confident one who goes home!

You will gain the awareness and clarity you need to effortlessly embark upon the path of life you chose!

Are you ready to become empowered by magical Mount Shasta?

If you are, it would be honor and privilege to be your Mount Shasta retreat guide.

If you have ANY questions at all,  or if you’d like to explore options for your retreat, please feel free to contact me Now!

Andrew Oser

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